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joeyboy 10-28-2007 08:08 PM

q on staining concrete - pretty basic, best subforum I could find..
I think this is the right spot for this.

My sher williams concrete 'stain/sealer' product says crete must be cured for 45 days before application.

What will violating this do?

(I'm not undertaking a serious project in any way shape or form, I'm making a very small thing for decorative purposes that could easily be remade again in like 10 minutes and with a 100th of a bag of concrete lol, so if it's a 'maybe it'll ruin it' thing I wouldn't mind. More looking for reasons of it hurting the cure, or coloring weird, stuff like that..)

any tips, or just conjectures lol, would be appreciated!

TurningColorz 10-29-2007 11:58 AM

Two things.
1.The moisture left in the concrete prevents the sealer from bonding well.
2. The colors change depending on the moisture consistency still in the cement.

I would wait till cured, then scrub the area clean before applying the stain.
Good Luck,

joeyboy 10-29-2007 12:39 PM

i see!!! Guess I'll just need to think of something else creative lol, maybe I'll do multiple mortar colors and swirl (I'm making a small incense holder - I like to do little pointless projects on my 'days off' lol)

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