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bluefitness 02-16-2009 08:44 AM

Proper way to back brush
I decided to use a roller on rough sawn plywood siding. I have heard of painters back rolling. Do I need to back brush the paint? Here is the procedure I have been using so far.

-cut in around battens
-apply paint with roller
-Use a 3 or 4 in brush to go over the area I just rolled. I do not load the brush with more paint. I first go in horizontal strokes and then finish off with a light vertical stroke

I sometimes I roll and back brush first and then cut in the trim

I reason I'm asking is because i noticed a splotchy area that I painted. It almost looks like it doesn't match the rest of the panel. I may have just tried to touch up the area after it had dried. This may have given an extra coat in a single spot. I'm was using Duration paint on an 80 degree day and it was drying really fast.

DGideon 02-17-2009 10:34 PM

Back Brushing
Duration is a nasty animal in the heat. In hot/humid days make sure you use a conditioner such as floetral. If the area you are painting is rough cut material then I wouldn't try to back brush. It should level out enough. Roll it on then roll on.

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