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Krispy 12-28-2011 11:41 PM

Priming over Kilz2
I'm remodeling a kitchen in a house I just bought. The previous home owner primed the kitchen cabinets with Kilz 2 but did not paint them. Although Kilz 2 would never have been my first choice for priming cabinets (or anything else for that matter) I'm stuck with it and need to determine how to go forward.

I've messed with the cabinets enough now that I'm pretty confident that the Kilz 2 is bonded pretty well. However, the Kilz 2 is not doing it's job for stain blocking and the cabinets will need an additional coat of stain blocker. In the past I've had good results using Zinsser Bin but I've not used it over Kilz 2. Has anyone here ever tried this? Does anyone have any recommendations?


chrisn 12-29-2011 03:13 AM

Sand the cabinets lightly( 120 grit), clean , re prime with the bin, good to go.:yes:

Krispy 12-29-2011 12:12 PM

Thank you.

chrisn 12-29-2011 04:13 PM


ARC Painting 01-01-2012 04:16 PM

primer has no problem adhering to primer, you'll be fine, and now you just want to block stains while keeping the finish smooth, so just try to lay it on well; and you can sand the primer again after if desired.

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