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primer/paint combo...flat paint

This is my first post to this site as I just became a member only moments ago. Thank you for taking the time to read this (in advance). I recently moved in with my fiance who happens to be the owner of a 103 yr old home. We all know that many men do not properly upkeep the interiors of their This is where my problem began. I was so eager to get the puke green paint off of the living room walls (which also has chair rail) that I didn't take into consideration the possibility of certain paints not being suitable for the room. The top section of the wall turned out perfectly, however, the chair rail had been previously painted with a semi-gloss paint (not sure if it's oil-based or if they even make it any other way lol). When choosing my colors and deciding on the type of paint to purchase, satin enamel slipped my mind Since I knew that I didn't like the semi-gloss appearance (also noticed the 2-in-1 primer/paint) which would save both, money and time, I chose to purchase the water based flat paint. I noticed as I got further along in painting that the new paint didn't stick to the old paint so easily. I chose to finish the job and it turned out fine except for when removing the painters tape I had a few strips of the new paint peel off as well. I didn't go into panic mode but as the paint dried I noticed that it was too dull and would likely be easily removed when cleaning the walls. So by this point these were my concerns: mainly the paint was too dull, then there's the issue of peeling. My dogs managed to scratch up the walls quite a bit within the 1st 24 hrs after painting it. We only plan to stay in this house for approx 3 yrs, therefore, I'm seeking a fast, affordable fix. I purchased satin polyurethane with the intent of using it to create the slight shine I desire while also creating a protective coating to lessen damage done to the paint. I am a female and mom of 4. My fiance works crazy hours and simply cannot help so I have to do this work alone. Is this an acceptable way to attack this blunder and if not, then what is the best solution all around? Once again thank you for reading this and I apologize for the lengthy post but I felt it was necessary to include as much detail as possible. TY:


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I was going to read all that- but without any paragraphs or breaks it looked to daunting, so I didn't.


"It's better to come here with questions before you screw up than to come here after and ask how to fix them."- JS
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I actually read it all and the problem started with painting over the semi gloss with flat latex, when it was not even known if it was oil of not.It went downhill from there. Putting on poly is probably the worst thing to do.
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I read primer and paint in one and thought of posting again that there is no such thing. My fingers almost refused to type it for the 1000th time. OP you could have saved yourself some grief searching this site first and not after the fact but no good comes from pointing that out now I guess.

You most certainly do not want to fix this with a clear coat. At this point I would get a good quality paint---not a marketing ploy primer and paint in one---from a real paint store. Get the color and sheen you want, paint over what you now have and hope for the best. A paint store will have paint with many incremental sheen steps from flat to semi or even gloss).

Or you should sand the paint you put on off if it really is not sticking at all.

Anything you put on from now on is only going to be as good as the adhesion of that layer you put on semi-gloss. You should have used fine grit sandpaper to scruff it up and if you used a cheap box store paint you just compounded your problems.

For future reference, apply a bonding primer/underlay and on top of that two coats of paint.

I seldom used tape and when doing chair rails I would caulk between it and the walls so no gaps showed. I would then paint the chair rails and then cut in the wall color to the trim. Hopefully you have enough wall paint for this approach.

And be sure you are using a quality 2.5 inch angled sash brush. With a little practice you can almost pinstripe with one. Never with a cheap brush though.
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Originally Posted by sdsester View Post
I read primer and paint in one and thought of posting again that there is no such thing. My fingers almost refused to type it for the 1000th time. OP you could have saved yourself some grief searching this site first and not after the fact but no good comes from pointing that out now I guess.
You can say it. I've given up arguing the semantics of the way it's labeled- it's apparent that too many people think it means it's a true replacement for a dedicated primer when a primer base coat is needed...
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flat paint , help me please , mistake , paint peeling , polyurethane

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