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I have to agree with you on the box store vs the small store. In the end, in upstate NY I think I would pay the same for SW as I did for Behr. I bought two gallons of four colors I needed for the rooms, just got excited. i figured it was as good as any and the guy had me sold on the all in one paint. Thanks to this chat site, I'm SO much better informed of many more things now! I've hired pros to redo my wood floors, instead of handling things myself and someone to redirect a minor gas line, instead of trying to do that myself too.

SW would have more business with newbies if they had a sec. in a bigger store. most people think like you, that it'll be more expensive in a small store compared to a big one. guess it gives them freedom to price/market how they want instead of listening to the Big Boys.


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Well, I don't think BM or SherwinWilliams need to sell more product that badly to need to sell their products through a Lowes, or HD or Ace Hardware...or any of the other chains. Just not their target market. Big box stores usually tell you what to price your product for as they have a minimum $per sq ft price and profit target they have to meet, whether you're selling appliances or toilet paper. So that doesn't sit well with the paint people, as that just brings their quality image down.

Plus I doubt HD wants another good retailer to cannibalize their own brand. I see a parallel between grocery marketing and HD in fact with respect to my new HD store that has the paint section front-and-center so that no-one can miss passing their Behr section on their way in or's like those chewing gum, magazine and candy displays right at the checkout at your grocery store. Hoping to catch the unwary customer...

Look, mass merchandisers are counting on three things: (a) there are millions of new paint shoppers so catching a few million buying substandard paints is a worthwhile profit goal and (b) consumers will remain stupid for a lot longer than this, so there's a continuous stream of buyers to last us all and finally (c) there is no satisfactory yardstick out there to judge what a good paint - and therefore a good paint job - is so no-one can tell the difference.

Blind ignorance is becoming the American way after all isn't it? I see Walmart in the same light by the way; a comedian once commented that Walmart has a crappy version of pretty well everything and I still laugh at that because it is so true. Still people think they're saving a buck buying Proctor&Gamble products when even P&G will make a crappy knock-off version of their own brands, like Tide, for a milllion-pound customer like Walmart.
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girl luvs her pwr tools!
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how true! How True! to think of HD like Walmart makes me shudder. I REFUSE to buy into walmarts "live better, buy our crap". I bought a dresser for $150, it broke WHILE I PUT IT TOGETHER! I delt with it for 3 years, no drawer fronts. my husband and I saved our money, then with his parents help we bought a dresser HAND MADE by Amish men for 2K. our GRANDKIDS will have it 100 years from now!! you get what you pay for, right? $150 is alot of money to us though, so the cost of something is all based on perspective.

I have rented from age 19 till now, 31. My husband and I just bought our first home, and we're new to the home improvement area. We're learning quickly but with two very small family owned hardware stores in the city who don't always carry what we need, and most home improvement products being consumables like paint, who can afford to buy on such a tight budget as ours? So we go to home depot, we hope that we make good decisions and if we don't, we learn. But when in the green earth will we ever need to use info about paint again?

\now I never knew that Behr was HD brand, like Craftsman is sears? well, bad example as Craftsman is ok stuff. I understand then, why SW or BM wouldn't go through HD or Lowes front door. but yet there's a HUGE market of newbies like me, who would buy if it was popular. I see Behr commercials (never occured to me that paint commercials mean the paint is a bad seller) but never BM or SW commercials, so when I sought out paint, I didn't think those brands were still around (my father used SW).
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it's not specifically a big store, small store thing. behr just sucks but home depot doesn't as a whole. even walmart has good deals on synthetic motor oil. being aware of what's worth buying and what isn't at a box store can save a person quite a large headache.


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