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Sarge 06-09-2007 07:11 AM

Preparation (Exterior Trim)
Alright, just so I have the basics down when I start my repainting in a couple weeks. Here is what I 'believe':

Wash all windows with pressure washer but watch the setting

Wire brush or remove and chipping

Sand just those areas? Or the whole window trim? (Any tips on a good sander or sanding block?)

Prime whole window or just where there is exposed wood??

See I still have some questions :(

slickshift 06-09-2007 08:00 AM

I'd use a scraper rather than a wire brush for wood windows

The sanding is partly to "feather" the high spots of paint thats left, with the low spots of paint that's stripped

If it's an area with lots of paint left, the sanding is just a light scuff to give the new paint more "tooth"

It's really just the bare areas than need the primer
But you may run into sections where there would be lots of little dabs of primer, so you probably should just primer that whole section

Often I don't bother with an electric sander (unless it's in really bad shape, or an area needs lots of feathering)

I prefer the sanding sponges myself
They come in different shaped and sizes
Between a few of those (med. or med/fine is good for outside), and some folded sheets, I'm usually covered

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