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ponch37300 01-09-2009 04:44 PM

prep walls after removing paper
I am removing the ugly wallpaper in my bathroom. I bought a steamer and it is making it pretty easy to remove the paper. So once i finish removing all the paper what is the best way to prepare the surface for paint? I have some marks in the drywall from the putty knife i am using to remove the paper so i'm thinking maybe i should skim coat the whole thing to make it nice and smooth? What would be the best way to skim coat everything?

I'm also thinking i might spray a knockdown but not sure yet. Is there anything wrong with spraying a knockdown in a bathroom? Anytips on preparing the surface and painting the bathroom would be appreciated. Thanks

beerdog 01-10-2009 10:54 AM

I just went through this on a kitchen and the results came out perfect. I had extensive pitting and other damage. First wash it down several times with warm water to remove all the glue residue. You will know it is all gone when the wall is no longer slimy feeling when wet. Then remove all the burrs arround the damaged areas. Pick them off or cut them out with a knife. Spot skim coat the deeper cuts and gouges. Then skim again arround the damaged areas to feather them in. If you want a completely smooth surface, skim the entire wall after the first spot skim. Sand between each skim coat with 150 grit. Depending on the results, do a 3rd skim coat. It will come out perfect if you do it right. I started a thread a week or 2 ago on skim coating with a roller. You spend a little more mud, but the job goes quick and it is easier on your forearms.

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