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PLEASE help me with finishing my garage


3 paint stores later, I am here to see if I can get any consistency of ideas on the EASIEST way to get this project done.

My 3 stall garage is fire taped and I am working on finishing it myself. I want a solution that doesn't involve having perfectly smooth walls since the taping is not the best. I have filled in the screw holes and have a second coat of mud up but I'm tired of this and want to move on.

I have read that I can buy paint and add it to the mud and trowel it on but Sherwin Williams discounted this saying it won't hold up. They wanted to sell me some really expensive thick stuff that is rolled on and then I would paint over the top.

What can I do? Do I have to prime the bare sheetrock no matter what I decide to do? Do I need to use exterior paint? Lowes didn't think I needed exterior paint. Can knock down be done on walls? How is knock down done?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I think it depends on how much money you want to spend.

I would definitely think you would want to add some type of texture to your walls to cover up some of the imperfections - probably something along the lines of a knockdown. You can rent a larger texture sprayer from Home Depot or buy a smaller one, like the Wagner Power Tex sprayer for around $100 - I guess it depends on how you feel about renting versus buying. The texture compound should run you around $10-$15, depending on how big of garage you have.

Once you get the walls textured, prime with a good drywall primer and paint. One of the reasons for priming is that the different absorption rates of the paper surface of the drywall versus the where you have taped and filled


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Sounds like you just need coat 3 of Joint Compound

If by "getting this project done" you mean getting a decent, interior-like finish, then the best way is to finish the taping
Fire taping is basically step 1 of a regular taping job
That's the tough step
Coat 2 and 3 are easy and easier
There is no better way

The easiest way to do this is hire someone
A taper/rocker would be done with 2 & 3 right quick
( asked )

Adding paint to mud won't help you any

The "real expensive" high build roll-on stuff can make a cheesy tape job (two-coat or poor tape/sand) look better, but it's not cheap
However, I would classify it as "easier" then putting on another 2 coats of mud

Knock Down will absolutely not be any easier then merely applying the last coat of mud (for a DIY that hasn't done it before)

You still need to prime pretty much no matter what
Do not use an exterior paint for this
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If you want to improve the drywall mud over the taping, consider using something called a "curved trowel".

A curved trowel looks just like a normal plastering trowel until you sight along one edge and notice that there is a slight curvature to the trowel. That curvature results in the trowel arching about 1/8 of an inch up in the middle if you set the trowel down on a flat surface. Since you hold the trowel at a comfortable angle when using it, it's shape allows you to spread a perfectly smooth "mound" of joint compound over a drywall joint that's about 1/16 of an inch thick in the middle. This is normally what's done to hide tape on butt joints where you don't have the benefit of a contoured edge to bury the tape in. However, it's also enough to smooth over a lousy taping job so that it looks darn near perfect, and it doesn't really require any skill to do.


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Easy solution: Go to home depot buy a couple boxes of plus 3 drywall mud buy a texture roller they come in many designs, drywall mud mixer.Take a five gallon bucket fill half way with drywall mud then add water 1 quart at a time to thin the drywall mud to a pasty consistancy then apply mud with 1 inch nap paint roller after about 4 foot ares smooth with "magic trowel" (sherwin williams only store that carrys) then use texture roller while mud is wet, contunue untill wall is done. After all is complete paint with high quality latex sealer (PPG Seal grip primer) then apply any high quality paint. These are the best paint manufacturers Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Pittsburgh paints
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What do you want the garage to look like when it's done? Are you going to just park a car in there and forget about it, or is this going to turn into a man cave? I'm with slickshift, if you want it to look good, forget about the half a$$ coverups and hire a drywall taper. He'll be done in no time at all, it will look professional, and you won't have to lie to your brother-in-law when he comes over and says, 'nice garage, but who did the sh*$$# job on the drywall?" Take some pride in your garage. Start out right and end up with something that your friends will be jealous of.
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This thread is over a year old
Please don't dig up old threads


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