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greylockwood 02-26-2010 10:52 AM

Photo Studio Floor Paint
I've got a studio space that's roughly 650sq. ft. and I'm looking to paint the concrete floors a middle gray color. I've been doing some research and all I can find is garage floor paint. There won't be any vehicles/machinery on the floor, just need something that will have a little skid proofing for safety reasons... Any Ideas?

user1007 02-27-2010 05:36 AM

Floor and porch paint will come in a variety of colors including several grays. The good stuff has a urethane in the chemistry and is available in both oil and latex products. If it is a raw concrete floor, latex products will be a better bet. If the floor has been sealed with an oil based product you may have to use oil. Your paint store will have the best options although they may have to order the exact color you want. Usually only takes a few days though. Box stores will have absolute crap, probably outdated, so stay away from them.

As for the skidding, ask your paint store for options that will work best for your situation.

You will have to prep your floor. Most floor paints specify not to use a primer but check with the paint store.

Do the project when there is time for the paint to dry as the concrete floor is probably on the ground so will be cold?

An epoxy finish would be another option but much more expensive. If you do it yourself, use good products and check expiration dates. Abatron, for example, makes good stuff. The folks that spray on epoxy floor finishes for a living have all the equipment to mix parts A&B on demand.

ADEQUATE VENTILATION PLEASE!!! And an aspirator for sure if using epoxy.

cellophane 02-27-2010 11:06 AM

you could also use a sand add mixture to give it some texture and use a porch enamel or even a good quality masonry paint. i would double check with your local paint store on what they would recommend.

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