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csjohnson 09-27-2010 04:15 PM

Pest Control Chemicals on Metal Siding
Hi, we have a house that is about 18 years old, it is a light beigh color. The siding is metal, not sure if it is aluminum or stell but it is fairly tough stuff. The paint is still in perfect condition. My question is whether pest control chemicals could possibly damage the paint (caus it to bubble or peel eventually ) or cause the metal to oxidize? We get a lot of those small asian lady bugs in our house every fall, they get indoors before winter hits, they are most likely in our walls too. I called a pest exterminator company and they said they can do a once yearly treatment, basically it takes care of these lady bugs and also box elder bugs. The treatment is 99% water and 1% whatever chemical they use, not sure what it is. It is hosed over the ENTIRE house, all the siding all the way up. Thanks for any input on this.
Craig :no:

Matthewt1970 09-27-2010 09:03 PM

I highly doubt it would effect the paint, but you can either find out what chemical they use (they may not want to tell you as you could turn around and do the treatment yourself) and see if it recommended to put directly on paint, or have them do a test spot on a small area on the back of the house.

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