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brandon32333 04-29-2013 12:01 AM

I want permanent paint on sheet rock ceiling in bar
I own a bar which smoking is allowed. I am tired of repeatedly painting the ceiling. I have purchased multiple smoke eaters and filters with no help. I have heard of several interior kitchen & bath paints that wipe clean. I have heard to use floor paint. I also no for a fact that in the old days they would paint the walls etc with cheap paint and then poly euro thane and could wipe them clean from then on. My question is would it be cheaper to buy a cheap paint then poly over it? If so what kind of paint and what kind of poly. My canvas is a freshly sheet rocked ceiling with mud on it and probably needs to be primed. PLEASE give recommendations of what kind of primer paint & poly I should use. So that i can wipe it clean many time over the years to come. I would like for this to last as long as possible.

chrisn 04-29-2013 03:34 AM

There is no magic cure for nicotine. I would prime with Coverstain and apply an oil based paint with a sheen to it. That will be the easiest to keep clean.

user1007 04-29-2013 04:09 AM

You might try an anti-graffiti coating but as Chris mentions, tar and nicotine are especially tough stains. Floor paints might provide some improved washability. Ben Moore's oil based floor and porch product is urethane reinforced and its waterbased is epoxy reinforced.

You might also contact customer support and explore industrial coatings that might better adapt to your situation than conventional interior paints. They are, after all, designed to have all kinds of hideous stuff washed from them.

Final option is to get on with the trend and ban smoking in your business. Most studies have shown bars actually fare better after everybody gets over grousing about not being able to smoke inside.

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