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csandefer 04-28-2008 02:04 PM

peeling paint on asbestos (maybe)
I am trying to do some repairs and maintenance on my elderly aunt's home. The outside is covered with some kind of tiles of siding stuff, which may (or may not) be asbestos. The paint, in large part, is peeling off in sheets all the way down to the base surface. Can these tiles be left up and just painted, or do they have to be removed? After I get the paint off, do I need some kind of primer on the surface before I start to paint. Are special prcautions needed when removing paint from these older homes because of lead or asbestos, or can I just climb a ladder and have at it?

poppameth 04-29-2008 05:48 AM

Asbestos can be a real paint to get paint to stick well to. We have asbestos shingles on the front roof section of our store. After a few attempts we finally used a bonding primer, Zinsser Peelstop in this case, though X-I-M Peelbond would work well too, and an acrylic topcoat. There have been some very minor chips this time but it's holding much better than previous attempts.

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