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gerardswork 12-17-2011 02:17 PM

Peeling Paint
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I've got paint peeling on the door frame in one of my rooms. It's peeling on about 40% of the frame. No other damage is noticeable. Any idea on why this happens? Finally, what is the best way to remedy the situation?



Gymschu 12-17-2011 04:25 PM

Possibly woodwork that had polyurethane on it and was painted over with paint. They likely skipped the step of applying a bonding primer. Scrape, prime with a bonding primer, and repaint.

Brushjockey 12-17-2011 04:27 PM

New paint? New board? What paint? What was there already?
Hard to answer questions without knowing anything

gerardswork 12-17-2011 05:03 PM

20 year old house...I've peeled back some of the peeling paint and have determined its the first coat.interesting because it's only in one water damage that I know of...I guess I'm more interested in knowing how to fix it than the history

titanoman 12-17-2011 05:08 PM

They probably ran short on new trim and reused something that had varnish or something on it.

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joecaption 12-17-2011 05:15 PM

No primer or someone painted over oil based paint is what it looks like.
If there was no primer then all the paint will come off with nothing left on the wood.

Gymschu 12-17-2011 05:47 PM

In cases like this I like to use a RAZOR blade scraper. You can remove nearly all the peeling paint with takes more time, but you can get nice clean edges without breaking out the sander.......sometimes.

Will22 12-19-2011 01:52 PM

It looks like latex paint over an old alkyd, which has become very brittle.

Matthewt1970 12-19-2011 10:37 PM

That could also be a problem with the wood. Is the wood sound underneath?

gerardswork 12-19-2011 10:39 PM

Not sure on the type of wood. I thought it could have been moisture, but its on the other side of the room as well...the wood looks like its in great condition. Not sure on the type of wood.

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