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inChampaign, IL 11-13-2010 11:01 AM

patio vs deck
In researching the best stain to use for a new fence, I have read dozens of horror stories posted about deck coating problems. I can only say that homeowners should take a step back and look at the bigger picture before building a deck. I grew up in a home on a heavily wooded lot with a redwood deck constructed in 1972. All I can say is that from years of experience, when you construct a deck you are committing yourself to years of ongoing labor and expenses. You find yourself using your vacation time to repair and coat horizontal wood surfaces that you placed out in the elements in the first place. No matter what coating you use, how can anyone expect exposed horizontal wood surfaces to last very long? Besides, the structural elements holding up the deck are usually unflattering to any home, regardless of using wood or composite materials. Having grown up with a deck as a taskmaster for 15 years, my sincere advice is to seriously investigate constructing an at-grade patio instead. Constructed of more durable materials (masonry), patios require only a tiny fraction of the maintenance and I believe are much more attractive than a wood deck.

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