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Paints, Paints, and more Paints...!?

So one of the biggest confusing things right now for me is with all these different kinds of paint, what goes where?

I suppose a little is in the eye of the beholder right? Tradionally though, is there certain paints you use for say....

a ceiling?
a bathroom? (Moisture)
a metal door?

Not only the types of paints but the other stuff like...

All Glosses

All in all I'm trying to get the low down on what all this means...what should I put in this room/door/trim, or what I shouldn't put on that room/door/trim. Any help is greatly appreciated everyone! If there's something common that people should know that I missed please don't hesitate to include it.

Thanks a BUNCH!!!

By the way...popcorn ceilings went perfect with one coat kilz oil primer and then finish coat paint. Thanks for that too


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Moldings, trim, baseboards are usually semi-gloss.


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Originally Posted by mikegp View Post
Moldings, trim, baseboards are usually semi-gloss.
Thanks alot for taking the time to answer!
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In general;

Walls; flat, matte, eggshell, satin. In order of sheen. Lower sheen paints don't accentuate defects as much as higher sheen paints and are generally easier to apply. The lower the sheen of a paint is the less washable it is.

Ceilings; flat (except possibly in bathrooms)

Trim; satin, semi gloss, gloss. In general the more sheen a paint has the more durable it is.

Bathrooms; satin and eggshell are commonly used in bathroom walls and ceilings to better deal with moisture and chemicals from things like hairspray. Some of the newer matte finishes are also appropriate for bathrooms (Aura bath&spa, Duration)
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To keep it easy, I just use the same color of white for most of my painting. For example with Sherwin Williams, ceilings are always Extra White in flat, and trim is always Extra White in semi-gloss, unless I have a good reason to use something else. Extra White comes right in the can and doesn't need to be mixed. You can find a similar color from your favorite paint brand. When you go to paint over next time, it'll be easy.

For walls, it comes down to
1. personal preference
2. cleanliness and scrubbability
3. touch up

I don't like shiny walls, so I prefer flat or matte. However in the bathroom where there is water splashing around, flat doesn't work so eggshell is needed, or at the very least matte. If you have kids that get dirt on the walls, or you have a garage that gets banged up, then you need to decide if you're going to be cleaning the walls, or spot painting over the glitches. If you want to clean, use eggshell/satin. If you want to patch over, use flat.

Metal door normally doesn't matter, since you won't actually be painting metal. It will either be pre-primed from the factory, or you will be painting over a previously painted door. Point being, you're not painting metal - you're painting paint. So I would use the same paint for the doors that I used for the trim, if the door was white. For an exterior door, of course I use the exterior version of the same acrylic paint. In that case, it could be the same paint used to paint the exterior trim near the door. If not white, pick your own color obviously.

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Any ext. door that gets direct sun should never be painted a dark color.
It can destroy the door.


When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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