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THEBIGPUNN 10-17-2005 02:21 PM

painting walls w/oak trim
we plan on painting the interior of your new construction house in a few months. i just wanted a consensus on whats the best way to paint the interior walls. we will have oak trim. should we install the trim firsts and caulk it and be very careful not to get paint on them or install the trim after the walls are painted using to caulk?

housedocs 10-17-2005 05:21 PM

Definitely paint the walls and then install the trim, it'll save you alot of masking. ;)

slickshift 10-17-2005 06:49 PM

Even if you don't tape, it'll be easier if you can paint the walls, then put up the trim

erockybalboa 04-25-2006 02:28 PM

Painting Trim
The last thing you want to do in a room is paint the wood trim- around the doors, the baseboards, and the crown molding if you have it. and it's exceptionally important to tape off the edges of this. And a lot times when you're using trim paint, especially if it's oil-based paint, it has a tendency to seep, even under the tape. No matter how well you tape and how well you press it against the edge. So I have a little trick to take care of that seepage. And that is to apply a very thing layer of caulk along the edge. It doesn't have to be much at all because you're basically going to wipe it off. Once you've done that, just use a wet finger- nothing beats a little spit- to take off the caulk. But you've still left a very fine membrane in place which is going to prevent the paint from seeping behind the tape.

And after that, it's really just very straight forward. Things like a door stop are a lot easier to just remove than to tape around. The thing you want to do with trim paint is just to put on a light coat and don't overwork it. There are flattening agents in the paint which are going to cause it to flatten out. A lot of times people will continue working the paint with the brush thinking, well, I need to get rid of these brush strokes. But all they're doing is thickening the paint the more you work it. So what you want to do is use just a couple of strokes to apply it, and then just leave it. It will flatten out, and you will end up with a really nice job.
To check out a free video of how this is done, look at this one about Painting trim.

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