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dalcacio2007 06-22-2011 04:04 PM

Painting Walls
Alright so let me first introduce a little bit about me an the house.
I'm new around here but will probably spend quite some time on these forums. I am a young guy (early 20s) not married no kids, and i just purchased my first house in south texas. House was built about 5 years ago and previous owners had kids and didn't really do much maintenance.

First i'm tackling the paint since it is one of the least expensive thing i think i can do to it. All the interior is an off-white (really light yellow) kind of color with a really white ceiling. I'm thinking of going for white walls (really white) with black trim and doors. I don't want my walls to shine or anything so i think i'll be going with flat paint... now i keep reading something about primer... Do i need that? i mean i'm painting white so i doubt i need that. Now also i'm assuming i need latex paint right? Now for the trim and doors, do i use oil based on that? because they're kind of shiny so i think i need oil based. Do i need to sand the door and trims before painting them? or can i just paint them black (they're currently white)? As for the light switches and all that do i buy them black or can i paint them? Also the walls have texture, do i need a special type of roller to paint on them?

Thanks for all your help.

Brushjockey 06-22-2011 04:34 PM

You have a lot to learn, paduwan. :thumbup:

I suggest before you jump into anything spend some time here doing searches on those topics. We could answer them all again, but why don't you just sit back and read.
You will learn much.

user1007 06-22-2011 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by Brushjockey (Post 672188)
I suggest before you jump into anything spend some time here doing searches on those topics. We could answer them all again, but why don't you just sit back and read.
You will learn much.

I tend to agree and not to put you off. Happy to answer specific questions if after doing some research you come up against questions not answered.

I will pass on a couple things though that might not be mentioned. If you are dead set on black trim you are going to want to have the paint store order you a factory mixed black. Do not use a store tinted product as there will be too many colorant solids to try and shake or stir in evenly. You will likely end up with some color streaks.

Yes you want a primer under the black finish and make it a 50 percent gray.

You can use either oil or latex. I would use water based products with a high acrylic content and lots of UV protection. Just be sure and stir between almost every brush stroke. Use a paint conditioner like Floetrol with latex paints. Nice brush of course.

You will need a paint formulated for plastics to cover your switch plates and outlet covers, etc. Rustoleum makes such a product and Krylon Fusion is excellent. Or you can buy black ones in most configurations.

I do hope you think through this color scheme before proceeding because I think you will be disappointed. Black on white is going to be very stark and could get old very fast. White white is going to look smudged and dirty with every little scuff mark. All your furnishings, unless stark as well are going to look dingy up against a pure white.

That said, if you are after a high formal look it could be stellar with black drapery panels, ground white glass floor or something? Any strong color accent you added would really pop. Just be careful because it could all get away from you easily.

mustangmike3789 06-22-2011 05:52 PM

I agree with sdsester and brush on this one. Black trim on pure white walls will also show every imperfection in the house. Outlets and switches will look crooked and uneven and two doors that are close to each other will let you know that they are 1/4" different in hight.

NEW TO HOMES 06-23-2011 01:08 AM

As simple as i can make it
i would suggest getting primer and prime everything just to be safe and have no issues also if you do not want a sheen i would use a matte finish which is a washable flat.

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