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tw1208 10-12-2012 02:58 PM

Painting tricky Basement walls. What paint should I use?
Hi, my basement has had flooding problems in the past which I have fixed, but past floodings have damaged the paint and caused spalling on the bottom 2 or 3 feet of two walls. I have repaired the spalled concrete and scraped all loose paint and I now want to paint everything one color. The old paint is still in good condition where it never got wet and is glossy., but there is bare concrete on the bottoms of the walls from water damage. I was thinking of painting drylok, but it should be on bare concrete only since it must penetrate the pores to work. Plus it comes in only white.

Should I just paint the bare spots in drylok and then paint over all the walls once that dries with normal basement paint? What is a good basement paint? I would like something glossy that can be painted over the paint that is already there. The existing paint is glossy, but I don't know if oil or latex based. It is white. I used oil based white paint on the wood trim around the basement windows and it yellowed within a few months. As a side question why did it yellow so much in the basement, but in my bathroom window upstairs it is still pearly white. I think it was glidden paint.

My basement walls are 8' tall. only 4' below the ground where it is poured concrete. the top 4' is brick. Never had a mold issue and was always dry unless it rained hard. I sealed the cracks water used to come through.

Gymschu 10-12-2012 08:07 PM

Wow, lots going on in your basement. First I'd like to say that I HOPE it's not oil-based paint on your basement walls. Oil based paint and masonry go together like water and vinegar.......not so good. Let's hope it's latex......high gloss. If it is, you can scuff it up and repaint with a latex high gloss......pretty straightforward. As for the bare concrete it would be fine to hit it with Drylock although I think the waterproofing effect would be minimal if the rest of the walls have not already been treated with Drylock. As you already alluded to, Drylock CANNOT be painted over an already painted just won't stick. So, basically go with your glossy latex and you should be fine.

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