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painting stucco sorta myself

Hey All,

Could use some advise on this one. I bought a 1926 house in NJ. Its a stucco house, The stucco has held up well and is in good condition. Cost is always a factor so I like to do as much as I can myself.

So the stucco is stained under the ..... would you call them soffits? (Decorative wood structures spaced 8 or so feet apart and are made to look like they are holding up the lower roof line, I know they are not)

Ive done everything to try and clean the stains including every mold, mildew and stucco cleaner under the sun. I've even pressure washed and nothing seem to clean it. So i figure after i just clean my stucco well, Im just going to paint over it.

Now my plan is to use Behr Elastomeric paint. I only want to paint what I feel I can comfortably reach which would be up to the first roof line of my two story house. I would look to hire a professional to do everything out of my reach.

Do you think this is a good idea? Would I actually save a significant amount of money?

I'm also willing to buy the airless paint sprayer that I would need if I wanted to spray the paint. It is my understanding that all sprayed paint should be backrolled, Is this correct?

Whoever put the stucco on this house must have had a good laugh while doing it, It seems in order to make a "design" he flicked the trowel at the wall and made an extremely bumpy stucco finish. Something tells me that using a roller on this would be damn near impossible to get all the nooks and crannies. Anyone have experience using a high nap roller on this type of stucco using elastomeric paint? Good? Bad?

Your expertise and insight are greatly appreciated.


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Stucco finishes can vary from egg shell smooth to a heavy lace texture. It would seem from your description that your stain are from your wooden ornate brackets. Clean prime and paint those. As to your heavy textured Stucco, IF you already have a contractor in mind IMO it would be better to just have him do all of the work. This way any thing that is work related goes back on him. As to Paint.....................Sherlastic ( Elastomeric Coating )from Sherwin Williams would be the go to paint I would use. Spraying and back rolling has been the way I have done Stucco for quite some time now. With Elastomeric paints. I use a 1 1/4 inch roller nap FYI. Call a Sherwin Williams rep in your area and ask them about your needs. But like I said, If your going to have a contractor do some of the work already, you might as well have them do it all. Good Luck to you ................



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