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everlastb 03-28-2010 11:00 PM

painting/staining knotty pine
I'm a first time home buyer and I'm beginning to remodel my finished basement but I am on a fairly limited budget. The top 1/3 of the wall is knotty pine and the lower portion is 1/4" sheeting that had been stained. Ideally I would like to gut it and drywall but I'm nervous of what lies behind the wall so painting/staining or texturing is the route I'm taking. I kinda like the look of the wood on the top but its 50yrs old or so and is an yellowish orange color. I tend to favor darker colors but the ceilings are only 6.5ft. Any suggestions on tackling this monstrosity and making it presentable? The basement is going to serve as a man cave(theater/bar/poker room).

Big Bob 03-29-2010 11:41 AM

That orange-yellow on the knotty pine is most likely natural aged..
It's a classic patina look that you might want to try to enjoy... give it a little time...before you make the gotta do something with it call.

Can you post a picture or two... the top / bottom combination does
sound a bit different. ( perhaps somebodys old solution to water damage).

You might want to take a piece of the 1/4" off and take a peak behind...
If there are is the time to know about them. Easy to re-install unless they used lots of glue.

everlastb 03-29-2010 04:23 PM

1 Attachment(s)
this is the best picture i could get down there due to the lighting and the fact it was taken from my phone. I'm scared to pull a panel off and see what lies beneath because every project I've taken on has been a total nightmare. My kitchen overhaul that was supposed to be just new cabinets, countertops and floors turned into a 2 month operation where everything but the studs was replaced.

The previous owner was a heavy smoker and everything had a thick layer of nicotine on it. After thoroughly cleaning the walls they were left with a very hazy and blotchy finish which cant be seen very well in the picture. I know this could be easily fixed with a coat of finish. However the rest of my house has been brought up to a contemporary standard. Im just undecided on whats going to look worse...aged knotty pine or painted knotty pine. Obviously neither option will match the rest of the house but I only plan on living here for 2 more years at best and I don't really want to invest alot of money into the basement.

Big Bob 03-29-2010 05:36 PM

I know the nicotine can be hard to deal with. Cleaned well / chem sponge / spic'n span in hot water / clean water damp rag / dry rag.
Might do it. ...fresh varnish...

The knotty pine as is classic and real man cave stuff.

If you end up painting it or the panelling below, be sure to seal it with a stain blocker. You may need 2 coats.. This is to deal with any nicotine still on the walls.
Skip this step and your paint will not have a chance at looking good.
(You will end up with Brownish streaks)

Does it feel like the bottom paneling is over more Knotty pine?
It is weird to have that combo.

Your best resale might be to leave the knotty pine natural with cleaned & refinished / remove bottom trim and chair rail. Cover the paneling with smooth... 1/4 drywall.or.AC plywood ... anything might look better than painted paneling below the T&G Knotty pine. Add new trim...

= good looking man cave.

use good materials from a paint store..

Good luck

PS. Worst case: In two years if the prospective buyer wants the knotty pine painted..
offer to do it to close the deal. :thumbsup:

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