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Originally Posted by chrisn View Post
I still find it hard, but , if you say you can, then I guess you can. Me, I just use a 2 1/2 in brush

I do not think I would encourage a DYI to use a 3/4 nap for this project
Fair enough response and I have painted most panel doors with a 2.5 angled sash brush.

You are correct, a 3/4 nap roller cover should probably not be put in the hands of a DIYer. I do wish I could shake your skepticism and get you to try the approach to cabinet and other flat doors. Crusty old painter older than both of us taught me. Floetrol, nice paint, some urethane stirred in.

Thanks Chris.


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Originally Posted by miche99 View Post
Thanks for all the replies. We have been communicating pretty well. The project first went south when they didn't believe me when I told them that they were last painted with latex. The doors were in great shape. The only needed a freshening up and to match the color of the new crown molding that was installed. Because they convinced themselves that they were dealing with an oil paint, they decided to prime with a product that would allow them to convert to latex. The product was thick and when they brushed it on it left deep grooves from the brush strokes. It looked like an animal had been scratching the doors.
They tried to remedy this by hand sanding but they couldn't get the finish smooth. Finally they had to use an electric sander to almost get back to bare wood. That at least got back to a smooth feel. Then they primed and rolled the doors with one coat and no back brushing. We no longer have the deep grooves. They have been replaced with stipple. We just want to get back to where we began.
Thanks again to everyone. Your comments have been much appreciated.
Hi Miche99, I'm sorry to hear about your dilemna. It's an unfortunate situation in which you have plenty of company. The first thing you can do to get back where you began is to fire the painters. In spite of what they may claim, or what you think, or what they've charged, they are not pros. Firstly, I could have proved/disproved latex in all of about the time it took me to get to my truck and grab some denatured alcohol and a rag. They "decided" which says to me they had no clue/plan until they showed up. In order to give you a price, the contractor has to know how many coats he has to apply. A six panel door is about as basic as they come. A few minutes to sand it and dust it, and fifteen minutes to paint it. A standard six panel door and frame is one half hour to paint plus prep time per coat. Even if the primer was going on thick, a competent painter would have seen that right away and corrected for it, probably as soon as he dipped his brush. Any "painter" who would think they could sand brushmarks out by hand, on a whole door, has never sanded brush marks. Do I need to continue? I could. I've seen this movie before. I don't mean to sound harsh or critical. They are what they are, a bane to this trade, and unsuspecting consumers. No one, neither you nor I, is going to change them. There's no sense in trying to figure them out, as they should be someone else's problem after today. What you can try to figure out is why they ended up in your house. There's a glitch in your selection/hiring process. My first indication that price was an issue was when you stated that your husband painted the doors prior. In my experience, those who do their own painting are those, mostly, who find it hardest to understand/accept legitimate painting contract prices. Because it's sooooo easy. So they think. And they consequently get burned. How many stories do you have time for? Some of them refuse to learn and it becomes a continuing saga, trade after trade, individual contractor after another. There is a search function on this forum and you can find info on hiring painting contractors to help you in the future. Sorry to be so blunt, but dishonesty, or telling you what you want to hear, isn't going to help you or your problem. People get hurt by what you don't tell them. You may think me presumptuous, that's okay. Because, if it doesn't boil down to price, I'll take the next best reason for four hundred Alex, your painter is an unemployed family member or son of a good friend. With all due respect and best wishes.
PS I would have them sand the doors smooth again, thank them, and have your husband paint them.


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