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paullo 03-18-2013 08:32 AM

Painting a screened porch
I need to paint the interior of a screened porch. Actually it has combination windows, so it is dry, but unheated. I have several questions.

One wall is stucco, which is the exterior of the house, the other three walls painted wood. Can I use the same paint for all surfaces? Is there any advantage to using exterior or interior paint for this project?

I want to use a flat finish, the wood portions aren't exactly perfect. I am painting to sell, so I am not concerned with buying the most expensive paint to last a lifetime. Appearance is my main concern.

It is currently painted a putrid shade of green. I will be painting white. Is it best to prime first or will I get the same results with multiple coats of paint?

I know the temperature is supposed to be above 50 degrees with most paint. Is there a little more "wiggle" room when you are painting an enclosed area? Is it really the temperature or the moisture that matters? Do I just need a couple hours above 50 for drying or does it have to be above 50 overnight?

Lots of questions. Appreciate any help you can give. Thanks

jsheridan 03-18-2013 06:31 PM

The same paint can be used for all surfaces. Priming is unnecessary if it's previously painted. Yes, use exterior paints. Some exterior paints now go down to 35 degrees. Read the instructions on the can as to temp and painting. It varies, but whatever it tells you I would adhere to closely.

jagans 03-18-2013 08:16 PM

Put up some heavy plastic outside with wood battens and run a kerosene convection heater in there and go to town. I would not even think about painting below 55 degrees. The paint will not flow right or level out properly.

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