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diy'er on LI 03-29-2010 03:00 PM

painting a sand-textured ceiling?
hi everyone...

we have a 2nd floor accessory apartment and a noisy 18 month old.... so we really need to soundproof. The job will be massive (soundproofing 2nd floor shared wall, and adding a 2nd layer of drywall with green glue to the 1st floor ceiling). We're hiring pro's to do this, becuase we don't have the time to do it properly with our jobs and our kid.

That being said, we also don't have the budget to hire painters. We have a reasonable amount of painting experinece, so we decided to do all of the painting ourselves.

We never, however, painted a sand-textured ceiling. We have them throughout the home, so it's needed. Our contractor is a very reputable drywall guy, so everything will be properly taped and prepped. *** we are NOT painting the walls, so we want to be as neat as possible***

We intend to do a bit of sanding, if necessary, and then a coat of primer. Then what should we do for the textured paint? I searched this site for prior threads, and I saw one person recommend mixing silica in to standard ceiling paint, stirring regularly, and applying with a 1/2" nap roller. I also saw another person recommend using zinsser roll-a-tex.

Oh, I should mention that we already know that paint/primer is never something to cut corners with, so we prefer to get all of our paint/primer at sherwin williams... although if many people recommend the roll-a tex, we'll consider that too.

Do you agree with either prior poster, or do you have your own recommendation? thanks for your advice! :)

housepaintingny 03-30-2010 08:22 AM

You can purchse Sherwin Williams Sandscapes, which is paint tinted to the color of your choice with texture mixed in it all ready to give you a sand texture when applied. Use a 3/4 inch nap roller.

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