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dkjohns1956 04-19-2013 03:26 PM

Painting Rough Walls Interior
I have read several items concerning this subject but I have found nothing that helps. I have removed paper from mobile home walls. Previous owner papered and it all needed removed. I removed it using a tiger and the appropriate liquid. The top layer of the paper came off and I then continued same process to remove the other layer. Problem the tiger made holes into the original walls and some of it came off in places. This was done on mobile home walls so the original was the vinyl that is generally used. I have tried using a light spackle on a small portion and it may work but it will then have to be sanded. Is there any product that I could use of the walls the cover this holes, etc. that would not have to be sanded? I had bought the paint prior to removing the paper. Any ideas that someone has please let me know. :(

user1007 04-19-2013 03:37 PM

The vinyl surface concerns me a bit but I guess I would get as much paste residue off as you can then prime with Gardz to reseal the wall (hopefully it will stick to vinyl). It may fill in the holes if you get lucky and apply it with a fairly thick roller cover. It is not really intended as a filler though.

If you must fill the holes, use a wide, flexible drywall blade and drywall mud to skim coat the surface and fill in the damage done by the "paper tiger". You should not have to sand much and you might get away with wet sanding with something like a damp car wash sponge.

You said your spackle test section seems to adhere? Maybe you can get away without priming before the skim coat but I wouldn't risk it. You cannot fix the adhesion from the top down and once you have primer and paint applied. You might end up having to take it all off.

Anyhow, once skimcoated and sanded you will need to prime again (or the first time) to seal the drywall compound. Then apply your finish coats.

ToolSeeker 04-19-2013 04:15 PM

Wallpaper removal is a tough job, not just the removal but the residual effects of the removal. As SDS said remove anything that is loose, seal with Gardz. I really don't think it will fill anything because it is pretty thin and runny. You then need to skim the wall with joint compound. Use the Ultra Light, thin with a little water,mix and apply, then pull it tight, whice means take almost all the compound back off, let this dry. And yes there will be some sanding but should not be a lot and the Ultra is easy to sand. When you have it smooth prime again, then paint.

chrisn 04-19-2013 04:52 PM

I would probably not use Gardz over vinyl but go with Coverstain

jsheridan 04-19-2013 05:13 PM

BM surfacing primer, I believe 270, might benefit you. After the Cover Stain that is.

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