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jmoe24 04-15-2011 01:17 PM

Painting prep - exposed/previously caulked nails
I have been working hard to make sure my house is prepped correctly. The house is masonite type lap siding. I am finding that many nails have backed out, some are rusted. Looks like I need to knock those back in and spot prime them.

My questions are, is only priming exposed nails sufficient or should I put some wood putty over them before priming to level out the area?

I am also finding many nails were previously caulked over before painting and it looks horrible. You can definitly tell they were caulked; they look almost like gum. Should I sand down the caulked area over the nail, use some putty, the prime them?

Some pics...
This shows the nail areas from a few steps back.

This shows a gummy caulked nail up close.


jsheridan 04-16-2011 09:08 AM

What was the install method? Some siding has exposed fastener heads, some are sunken. Someone may have caulked the ones that pop to lock them in. Technically, popping fasteners should be removed and a new one sunk in a new spot, like nail pops on drywall. But, if there is a pattern, it would look awkward. Pull them a bit, put a spot of liquid nails around the shank and drive them back in, wipe the excess off. You can spot prime the rusted heads with metal primer or buy new stainless, put a bit of liquid nails in the hole and sink the new fastener, wipe the excess. Fasteners are generally not sunk and filled on houses with siding as the quantity of work involved in that task would be monumental, and causes eyesore when the nails start to protrude and pop the filler out, which then creates an opening for moisture. They're generally surface nailed or sunk and painted.

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