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scruff 03 06-25-2005 03:06 PM

Painting a plastic bath
i have just purchased tubby bath paint to use on my plastic bath. in the instructions it says the prep work is the most important part!! before i start this job i have to sand down the bath with the sand paper provided.. has anyone used this before as i am not sure how much sanding to do ?? instructions are very basic!!! do i have to take the shine of the plastic completely or what?? please help

MgMopar 09-11-2005 08:05 AM

I have never done a plastic tub. I have used two part paints over porcelain type tubs though. Tubby paint is not here in the states. We do however have resurface paints for tubs. The shine should be dulled. Your goal with the paper is to remove the very top surface of the glaze only. You what to "etch" it with the paper. This should be enough bite for the paint. Then clean "all" the dust out. It would be good to use a degreaser cleaner (For paint prep something such as denatured alcohol normally work well for this). last use a tack cloth to make sure you got all the dust and bits out of there. I am not sure if tubby product needs any other prep I wouldn't think so. I found their tool free number "Tubby free phone 0800 328 4324"

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