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HoneyCanDoIt 09-06-2004 12:47 AM

Painting pine panelling
home constructed in early 1980s, lots of stained wood was the in look- recently remodeled kitchen and dining area, used a variety of woods and paints natural walnut cabinets w/mable tops, island painted oatmill color with powder glaze finish and natural stone tile... kitchen & dining room is open to living room. living room needs a face lift...walls are pine planks 6" and stained fruitwood that has aged since the 80s- floors are hardwood, ceiling has beams, all are stained. Want to paint the walls to give the room a more open look, up to date to match kitchen. Love warm colors, contrast and trim, living room - has brown leather sofa aand chair, large tweety ottoman & a rust loveseat, rug is 12"blocks with greens, browns, rust and tans- the pottery barn look, please suggestion what and how to paint my walls- had thought about using the same oatmill paint w/powder glaze of walls, boards are floor to celing, or would it be better to break-up the beaded board look and put sheet rock on the upper walls... please help me, honey can do it when he knows what to do:confused:

MgMopar 09-06-2004 05:02 PM

Depending on where you are and if the house was built this way their may already be drywall behind the wood. Many municipalities require this for fire codes. But regardless we wouldn't know that without pulling it down, even then it may not be useable because of possible damage depending how they fastened the wood. I have seen room take on a transformation just with the paint on the wood. Depending on what else is dominant in the room would work with color that you could choose. You don't want to walk into a room that doesn't have any contrast nor do you want it to hit you in the face. It seems a lot of designers use a color directly out of the fabrics print. I don't think I would use the same oatmill paint for the main color of the room. Maybe trim or a table to bring it in somewhat connect the rooms, but not too much? (not normally the most dominate one though). Don't forget to clean and prime the wood if you do decide to paint!:)

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