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JenniferLynnYoung 06-06-2007 10:47 PM

Painting over paper drywalls and painted wallpaper.
I did not word any of my post right, so I'm restarting. I need a somewhat cheap fix for a mess someone else started, and I'm trying to fix. I'm a renter to a double wide mobile home, and the smallest bedroom was previously painted a hideous red color. Normally I like the color, but it was done horribly. On many of the walls there are runs that can only be seen, not felt, and it looks like the walls are essentially bleeding. Scary! So the LL said to pick out our colors and such and he'd buy it all so I can paint. It's a hobby, I love to paint, but it's usually framed painting or shelves and such. So today I start scraping the paint off the wallpaper. It's going okay, except one area about 6ft tall by 3ft wide, where the wallpaper has come off to the paper of the drywall underneath. This is what scares me. How so I get back to s smooth surface. I tried to use spray-paint in a small area to see how it went on over the drywall paper and then the horrid red color.. and neither went well. MY main problem, is what to use to cover the paper on the drywall to get a smooth surface to paint over? And should I Strip the rest of the wallpaper or just scrape the paint off and repaint it? I'm not paying for it, but I still want it to be as cheap as possible, but still be done right. I've been told by a few people the Gardz will work over the drywall paper. Does it really? The entire thought of it just scares me. Well covering up the paper on the drywall. I'm prepared though. Sending the little one on to Grandpa's house for a couple weeks and all that fun stuff. Here are a few images to show you what I'm dealing with here:

JenniferLynnYoung 06-06-2007 10:49 PM

And I completely forgot to ask how to get around the red "dripping" paint.

joewho 06-07-2007 01:20 AM

I remember your last post about this. Glad you have some pictures.

Don't be scared, everything I said last time still applies.

As far as the dripping, seen but not felt, just paint over it. If you can't feel the runs, new paint will fix the problem.

This job is not as scary as it looks. I would suggest that you NOT tear off the wall paper. If it isn't bubbled, you'll be fine. Gardz is for the bare drywall. When moisture comes in contact with drywall paper, it tends to bubble up, that means joint compound or paint may make it bubble, but not necessarily. Gardz locks it down, so you only need it on the areas where the paper has come off. Then you can safely mud over it.

I would go ahead and try mudding it to see if it does bubble, if it doesn't the joint compound will lock it down for you.

Hope this helps.

JenniferLynnYoung 06-07-2007 03:39 AM

Thank you. LoL I'm starting to feel better about the whole thing. I've been asking people I know, and everyone says it's really not that hard to go over the paper covered drywall as it seems. And maybe some paint to try. We picked out a medium blue, dark green, tan, and brown for the color scheme for the entire place (kitchen was recently done in this gritty textured paint that actually looks nice, and it's dark green, and the carpets are tan.. so the colors were half picked for us). I keep hearing that Killz is good for going over the dark colors to cover them up nicely. The hubby is ready to just rip out all the walls and use Gardz or something on them, rather than go over all the red. But we shall see! Wish me luck! LoL!:thumbup:

drywaller 4 life 06-08-2007 06:50 PM

Doesn't look like a major problem, not fully knowing. I can suggest putting up 1/4 inch drywall to give you a complete new start. But with that you need to consider where the drywall will hit up against all the molding around windows and door molding.

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