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Painting next week

Hi folks,
I've posted a few times around here, and now my wife and I are ready to paint. I have a couple questions about specific paint brands, as well as timing issues.

First, we have been speaking with a nice man at the local Sherwin Williams store, and he has recommended, each time, their interior paint called Superpaint. It is, of course, their most expensive as well. What my wife and I need more than anything is a durable paint that is also cleanable (3 big dogs that like to slobber make that necessary). Is Superpaint actually the one you guys would recommend from SW? Also, is satin good enough, or should we go with a semi-gloss?

For the timing issues, We are doing a staycation from that Tuesday (July 22) through the following Sunday (July 28) - will that be enough time to sand the trim, oil primer the trim, paint the trim, then paint 2 coats over the walls of one room, allowing appropriate drying time in between? And how long should things dry in between?



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A SW employee here.
Superpaint is not the most expensive paint that SW has.
Duration is, and I would recomend it for your project. Superpaint is a great paint and would fit your needs but Duration is much much better in the scrubability game. That is its main selling point. To be used in high traffic areas and kids rooms along with any place else. The SW store should have a display with a Duration sample that you can write on then wipe off with just plain water. The paint is really amazing. Plus it dosent burnish.

In my store Duration is on sale right now. Not sure of the exact price but it is lower than Superpaint. Somewhere around $36 a gal.

Because of the scrubability I would think you would be just fine with a Satin finish.

As far as the time goes it sounds like that should be enough time. Roll 2 coats in one day, 3-4 hours between coats. Remember, start the recoat clock when the roller first hits the wall for the first coat. If the total roll time is 2.5 hours you can start back again in the same beginning place in 1.5 hours.

The oil needs a day before and that could be extended by high humidity.

Good Luck



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I would let your oil based primer dry for 24 hours before topcoating.

I would allow 24 hours between coats of latex paint, too.
(When I'm repainting over nail hole repairs, I'll put several coats of paint on, and only wait long enough for the preceding coat to be dry to the touch. However, I've been told that you should let each coat of latex paint dry for 24 hours before repainting.
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SuperPaint is def. not the most expensive SW paint
It might be a good choice for you project though
Duration would be more durable though

I would like to mention, however, that the Aura from Ben Moore does seem to be more washable and durable, if that is your priority

As for how much time, that'd be up to you
Your project would take me one day (no helper)

I would use Zinsser's Cover Stain for the oil primer over the trim
I'd use this for other reasons, but a side benefit is it's dry time for re-coating is one hour
I would use BM's Aura for the paint
Again, I'd use it for it's durability, but yahoo, it's dry time is listed as one hour (I routinely do 40 minutes for re-coating)
So as you can see, I could do prime trim, then paint wall, then coat the trim with paint, then the walls with coat #2, w/o worrying about the coat not being dry enough to re-coat by the time I get back to it
Your mileage may vary, but even at 1/4 my speed, two people should get it done in two days no question
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I like the SW products and also the Ben Moore Paints.
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