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Painting a new house

We are finishing up a family project of bulding a lake house. I have subbed out the sheetrock and tape and bed, along with the texturing of the sheetrock. The contractor put a orange peel texture on the new sheetrock (ceiling and walls).

Being a second house I am going to paint it with my kids and was looking for some technicues. I am going to spray the primer and then backroll it.

Then I was going to spray the ceilings with the top coat and backroll it.

3rd I was going to roll the color on the walls (or can you spray it? - or is there to much overspray issues?)

Last was going to brush the crown and baseboard.

Any suggestions?

Also what do you pro's think about Lowes paint and primer?

Thanks for the info!



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Behr paint.


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..found this in another thread... search for Behr.

Originally Posted by eporon
I have found that Behr will do one coat. Until I started reading this board, I did not realize that Behr was looked so down upon. I am curious why actually.

While Behr will sometimes work, it is inconsistent and has a high failure rate. Failure meaning issues with coverage, application smoothness, dry times, or any number of factors that make a paint a pain to work with. Even 20% can be considered a high failure rate if you consider your time to be valuable. Once you paint with a high-quality interior paint, you won't go back.

Pros don't use Behr even though it is cheap because it just doesn't work well enough consistently enough to actually save any money in the end. If they could save money (and therefore make more profit) off of Behr paint, they would.

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If you can spray the primer, you can spray the color
You've already done the prep work for the primer
No sense in rolling the color at that point
-generally If you have overspray issues with the color, you would have already had them with the primer
Is it the ceiling/wall thing you are worried about?
When is the molding going up?
How many rooms or how big a house?

As for the paint product, you will get much better product (paint and tools) and service (advice) from your local Paint Store
Doesn't really matter whether it's Ben Moore, Sherwin Williams, Pittsburgh...
It's much, much, better than the Lowes/HD paint
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If you have not sprayed before, you may want to reconsider that choice. Unless this is a large house you will probably find you do not save any time.

The prep work for spraying is a real PITA, especially if you do not know all the "shortcuts" that pros use. Every single surface that you do not want paint on will have to be meticulously masked off or removed, including cabinet hardware, outlets, vents, window glass, plumbing bits, and every last square inch of flooring. If you want your trim to be a different color and/or sheen than the wall (most folks do), you will still have to brush it.

To top it off, even if you rent a pro sprayer (the HD/Lowes sprayers are worthless), spraying is not as easy as it looks in the Wagner commercials. It takes good technique and a steady hand.

If I were in your place, I would either hire a pro to spray, or DIY roll/brush. Either way, neither HD nor Lowes sells paint you want to use. Go to an actual paint store (not store w/ paint dept.), and buy paint from at or near the top of their product lines.

Lastly, you were going to put on two coats, right?

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Painting the colors up against the ceiling will be the most worriesome part of this.

The only way to spray that part is to tape off the ceiling. Using tape to get straight lines on texture doesn't usually work. But it could get you started and then cut in later.

A trick is to tape the ceiling then paint THE WALL edge of the tape, With Ceiling Paint, to seal it down. Then spray the colors.

Otherwise, cut in the colors by hand, roll it down about a foot and use shields while you spray the rest .


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