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rayf01 05-11-2012 10:28 AM

Painting my Aluminum and Vinyl Siding
I am looking to paint both the aluminum siding on my house and the vinyl siding on my garage.

I'll be starting with my house first (aluminum). The house appears to have already been painted once before, original colour was a darker green, new color is a light blue. There is some chalking going on as I rub my hand and there is white residue. My plan was to wash the house with my pressure washer, let it dry, and then paint with a 100% acrylic paint, a darker blue color. I was also considering fixing any small dents in the siding with a exterior bondo, but I haven't decided yet.

I am wondering a few things though.

1.) Do I need to wash with TSP/Bleech mixture, or can I just pressure wash the house and call it good?

2.) The house was previously painted, I have read mixed reviews whether I need to scrap all the old paint off, or just wash it and paint overtop, I don't see a reason why I need to scrap the old paint off the house, it's still adhereing very well...

3.) I've heard mixed comments on priming. Most have said if there is no bare metal showing there is no need to primer the house?

4.) If i bondo or spackle any dents, do I need to prime those areas at all before painting? Also, can I just prime that spackled area, or does the whole side need to be primed?

5.) Which way would you guys go application wise? I have a small compressor, so I could buy a cheap air gun for home depot, or just roller and brush it.

Now, on to the garage. The garage is currently a light blue vinyl siding.

1.) I have heard you should not go to a darker paint than the current color? What doesn't make sense to me is there are a lot darker color vinyl sided houses out there so I am confused why I couldn't go to a slightly darker shade of blue? I was likely going to end up two tone between the house and garage.

2.) Can I put pressure wash it and then paint it?

3.) Again, spray it on or roller and brush the edge etc?

Thanks everyone.

Gymschu 05-11-2012 08:52 PM

Ray, there are dozens and dozens of topics on here that will help generate info for your project. The short answer for aluminum is a thorough cleaning, a pressure wash is fine. No cleaners are really needed. No primer is needed. I recommend SW's SuperPaint satin for aluminum. I have done many aluminum sided houses using the process I described and the paint NEVER peels but does fade over time.

As for vinyl, the same process is used although getting dirt off of vinyl is tougher than getting it off of aluminum. Most real paint stores have paint (even in darker colors) that is suitable for vinyl. In the old days applying a dark color to vinyl caused it to expand way too much causing the siding to buckle. Again, I prefer SuperPaint satin latex. I have always had good luck rolling and brushing although spraying works also. Best of luck.

joecaption 05-11-2012 08:58 PM

Vinyl siding expands and contracts a lot, what your going to see over time is every where the siding laps the old color below will show as it contracts when it gets cooler.

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