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smokey847 08-05-2012 05:49 PM

Painting Light Fixture Globes
Scored this old light fixture at a thrift store for $8. It is in great shape, however, I wish the globes were a darker color to give off a more elegant glow. Is there any way to successfully and smoothly paint them an amber?

jschaben 08-05-2012 07:40 PM

Do a google search for transparent or translucent glass paint. There are several out there and a bunch of u-tube videos on it. I don't think just thinning regular latex or oil based house paints will get you what you want. :)

joecaption 08-05-2012 07:46 PM

Have you tryed them yet to see just what they look like lit up?
That type globe is already going to put out very little light.
I'd skip the painting,

Also that outlet needs to be left disconneted or powered though a GFI outlet someplace else if it's used in a bathroom or kitchen.

user1007 08-06-2012 05:07 AM

You can try glass paints/stains. Hobby or art stores should have them in a rainbow of colors for faux stain glass and so forth. Whether they will hold up without cracking and peeling off with the light heat source is another matter.

If you want an amber glow, I would think about finding a colored bulb.

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