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ajinutah 10-08-2008 10:58 AM

Painting Laminate Furniture
Hello...First Time Poster Here! I am absolutely livid!!! I recently purchased a solid wood hutch from a second hand furniture store. I have bought many pieces from the same place and have always been happy but this time I got the hutch home and began prepping it to paint only to find it is mostly laminate over particle board. The only true hardwood pieces are the cupboard doors. I really really want to salvage this! I painted it already with one coat of latex primer...should I keep going? Prime it again and paint with say...a dark color maybe? I was planning of painting it a creamy white (when I thought it was wood) but now the dark laminate is bleeding thru the primer and i don't think it'll work. I am planning on turning around and selling it (of course being honest about the laminate) but I'd like it to look good. Is there a way to make laminate look good or ok? Will the paint stick or just rub/scratch right off? Should I just scrap it and start over with a solid wood piece? The store charged me $195 for it.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help!!!!

scholarlypainting 10-09-2008 04:44 PM

the paint will most likely scratch off..

i reccmoned sanding the unit very well priming with an oil based primer.. then depending what color.. primer it again.. then top coat it with the color you want..

if you paint with anything but oil.. chances are it will scratch off easily..:thumbsup:

slickshift 10-09-2008 05:33 PM

What kind of laminate?
Is it a wood laminate, plastic type laminate, or that wood grained looking picture of wood that's really just kind of paper laminate?
If it's a wood laminate, how is it finished?
Stain, poly?

cassafrass 10-11-2008 10:11 PM

Please help!
Oh my...this happened to me too. They got me for $265! I thought I was getting a mocha finish and it's actually an ugly fake wood grain laminate. I tried to return it, but apparently the fine print states the store only accepts returns for damaged products. I think I'll take a loss if I try to e-bay it. This is a paper laminate and I'm afraid the surface will bubble and warp if I try to paint it. I'll take any advice! :(

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