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jigglyman 07-08-2009 08:17 AM

Painting kids playhouse
I'm in the middle of building a playhouse for my children and I had a few questions about painting/priming the wood. The materials used are:

- pressure treated floor (2x4's and plywood)
- 2x4 no 2 pine framing
- 1x12 hit and miss pine walls
- 1x6 no. 2 pine trim
- plywood roofing

I've already put the walls on and didn't do any priming / painting. My plan was (is) to leave a natural wood finish inside and just paint the exterior. Did I make a mistake by not priming these boards on all sides? Should I have done something before I put them up?

What options do I have, other than removing all of the planks, to treat the interior of the wood to get the most life out of it?

What recommendations do you have for the exterior paint and primer for both the walls and the trim boards? (ie. oil primer/paint? Acrylic?)

My boys are 4 and 2, so they can likely use this playhouse for 6+ years if it holds up.

Thank you!

Matthewt1970 07-08-2009 10:14 AM

I would think to get 6 years out of it all you really need to do is prime and paint the wood exposed to the rain and sun. Maybe use a smi-transparent oil deck stain on the floor, but make sure the pressure treated wood has dried out for a couple months.

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