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cougarguy 02-02-2010 04:50 PM

painting and glazing bathroom vanity
I have a small lavatory bathroom cabinet (47"wide) with two (2) drawers and three (3) doors. It is currently painted antique white with oil base paint. I am painting it a dark brown Sherwin Williams #6006 Black Bean. I want to achieve an antique glazed look. Should I paint it with a glaze mix with my paint? Or, should I just paint the entire cabinets with my color and then glaze over that? If so, what color glaze do you recommend. I just want a hint of glaze. Any advice would be appreciated.

user1007 02-03-2010 05:33 AM

First, if it is oil based now are you painting over it with oil? If you plan to use a latex product, you need to prime it with an alkyd primer first. Mix 50 percent of your paint formula in it to make it easier to cover. You will want to use matching chemistry for paint and glaze whatever you decide on.

Ordinarily with glazing, you lay down your base coat and then use glazing mediums (not thinners!) mixed with paints/pigments, metallics, pearlescents, etc. over the top of it.

There are also rub on colored gels and wax/metallic types of glazing suspensions you might find work for you. You should let your paint cure before using these though or you could damage and accidentally remove the uncured surface layer of the paint. Latex takes 30 days.

There is another substractive technique that isn't really glazing. You lay down your base coat. You then put a full coat of your second color over the top. When it has dried, you sand, steel wool etc. the top coat to allow varying amounts of the base coat to show through. Clear coat after the paints have cured. A faux finisher I use at times has perfected a really nice Chinese red/black laquer look using this technique.

Have fun. Experiment on the back sides of the cabinet doors until you get the look you want. See your paint store, not a box store for help with this.

Your library will have great books on faux finishing, glazing and so forth. I remember a series that was pretty good called, "Recipes for Walls" you might see if they have.

cougarguy 02-03-2010 09:54 AM

Painting and glazing bathroom vanity
Thanks for the reply. It is oil based and I had the paint store mix a dark grey oil based primer. When it dries I will paint the color coat oilk base. then, how long should it cure before I apply any glazes? you mentioned 30 days on acrylic? I would guess oil based might be longer? What is your opinion? Also, do you know of any glaze colors that would be good for a very dark brown?

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