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lucky.bandit 04-26-2013 02:27 PM

Painting exterior cedar shake
I'm planning to paint the exterior of my home. It's cedar shake that was previously painted. The paint is not coming off, we just bought the house and wanted to freshen it up with a new coat and color.
Couple of questions based on internet searching:
- What should I use, method and material, to clean the cedar prior to painting?
- Do I have to use primer first or are their exterior 2 in 1 paints?
- Since the previous paint isn't peeling do I have to sand it?
- Should I use brushes or sprayer?
- Also anyone ever use Shermin Williams Durantion paint? One of the cons is it is very thick so may be tough for DIYers to handle. Pro is it would only require one coat (supposedly). Can you share experiences?

Any other tips you provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!! :thumbsup:

user1007 04-26-2013 05:35 PM

It is going to seem like I am on a crusade but I just like the product. I would look into SW Acrylic Woodscapes Solid Stain for this. It will go over previously painted wood nicely and is self-priming. You can have it tinted to any color. Ben Moore has a comparable product but I have never used it.

Others can speak better to what they are currently using paint wise and whether you need to prime. I should think not. Don't fall for the primer and paint in one hype though.

As for prep, if you can reach it I would wash it with a car wash brush thing since you do not have peeling paint issues. You can pressure wash it I guess but use lower pressure and a wide nozzle. Make sure you do not get water up under the shakes.

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