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diybrad 04-15-2011 10:12 AM

Painting exterior brick. What type of paint and roller sleeve?
I am in nashville tn and i bought a fixer upper house that i have been making some good progress on. the first time i went and looked at this house it was natural brick with no paint. The next day i took the fiance to see it and the house was yellow. It is a very pasty yellow and i cant take it anymore. Looks like a giant piece of laffy taffy.

Based upon the rest of the house and the empty paint cans that were left in the garage i am sure it was cheap walmart paint and i know there was no primer used and i am going to assume the brick was not cleaned first. I just purchased a 3200PSI pressure washer to try to knock anything of that is loose.

Based on that info, what other steps should i take to insure i am not throwing good money at bad. Cost isnt to much of an issue so i am ready to purchase the correct paint/primer but i dont know which i need and what rollers are best for brick and block.

If i left out any needed info please feel free to ask.


Limewash 04-15-2011 10:43 AM

I wouldn't recommend a high pressure washer on your brickwork. Remove loose material with a scraper and wire brush all over. Use masonry paint (two coats) and you wont need a primer. A long pile roller sleeve 12 to 15 inches wide would be best. If you use a roller which can take a long extension it will make your job easier.

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