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techinstructor 06-21-2010 04:47 PM

Painting Concrete Basement Floor
I want to paint the concrete slab that is on the floor of my basement. The slab was coated with Cure and Seal right after it was poured which left a very thin sealant on the surface. It was not sprayed evenly and is so thin in places that it is already showing signs of wear in traffic areas after only 6 months.

I've done some research on the epoxy paints for garage floors, but don't like the glossy finish. They also are complicated to apply and pricey. We've considered Valspar Floor and Porch Paint which is relatively inexpensive. All of these recommend removing the sealant and cleaning with muriatic acid prior to painting. I know the Valspar will not have the longevity of an epoxy paint but I'm not sure that I need that in a place that will only have foot traffic. However my biggest concern about the Valspar is whether it will provide a seal against any water vapor that might be absorbed throught the concrete from the ground below it. (The basement has an excellent drainage system, with interior drains along the inside edge of the footing under the slab as well as exterior drains beside and on top of the footing.)

I would be interested in knowing what the people on this board would recommend for this application.


housepaintingny 06-21-2010 06:29 PM

I would use SW Shercrete flexible concrete waterproofer, we use it on vertical and walking surfaces all the time including in the ground pool concrete decks, you can get it in smooth or with shark grit added to it, so it won't be slippery and it comes in any color.

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