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Dle28 07-03-2012 11:53 AM

Painting aluminum siding
Is it worth it to paint over aluminum siding? The siding on was house is white. Someone put white paint on top of the aluminum which is now peeling.

Matthewt1970 07-03-2012 06:22 PM

Done right it should not peel for decades. Some here have good luck with a proper prep job and a GOOD exterior paint but everything I have ever learned suggests using Emulsabond in your first coat of paint.

I would power wash, scrape and if necessary scrub with a stiff bristle brush to get down to a sound surface. You will still have some chalking left but get as much of it as you can off before you paint.

Gymschu 07-03-2012 06:26 PM

With scrap prices being so high I would remove the siding take it to a scrap yard and sell it. With the proceeds you will have a nice investment of cash to put into a new siding job.

joecaption 07-03-2012 07:36 PM

I agree with Gym but it can be done with Sherwin Williams Super Paint or better yet Duration.
Stop by one of there outlets for prep advice.

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