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m jensen 08-09-2010 02:51 PM

painting aluminum gutters
is there a paint made for painting aluminum gutters that wont peel.

epson 08-09-2010 03:24 PM

The key to repainting aluminum gutters and down spouts is making sure they are clean and that you use the right primer. Wash your house and the gutters and down spouts as you would your own body. Use large grout sponges or scrub brushes. You can purchase grout sponges at ceramic tile stores. I prefer to use liquid dishwashing soap as it makes lots of suds. Be sure to scrape any loose paint before you wash.

After the gutters and down spouts are dry, they still may be chalky. This is normal. The chalk is simply pigment particles at the surface of the original paint. You have now reached the most important part of the job, the primer. There are two primers that work great for faded aluminum. Try to locate a clear acrylic bonding primer that actually penetrates the chalky aluminum. This product forms an excellent foundation for a final coat of 100 percent acrylic paint. You would have to go to a paint store for this item as it is a specialty item that has to be ordered. Note this primer should last ten years.

If you can't locate this nifty clear primer, then use regular oil base metal primer. The trick is to thin the primer with 16 ounces of thinner per gallon of paint. Feel free to add some pigment to this primer if you feel it will get you close to the final color of your trim. Try to apply the final coat of paint within 48 hours of applying the primer. The top coat paint will bond much better if you can do this.

housepaintingny 08-09-2010 04:35 PM

Clean the gutters and down spouts well with a mixture of tsp and water, be sure to get all of the chalk off, as it is oxidation, sand, scrape any loose/flaking paint, apply a bonding primer such as SW DTM Bonding primer to any bare spots of aluminum, apply 2 coats of a quality 100% acrylic latex, such as SW superpaint. We have painted many gutters, down spouts, aluminum sided homes, and even aluminum doors using this method with success

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