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mandywrecsam 04-18-2005 10:04 AM

Painting an aluminium mobile home?
Hi Everyone!
We are wanting to paint our mobile home which is in the south of france,its made of aluminium and is sort of tongue and groove but in aluminium.
we cant quite work out what type of paint we'll need and if we need undercoat .
Its 30 ft x 12 ft so ideally we dont want to have to rub it down,any ideas what prep work and types of paint please?
and would the very hot weather affect it at all?
oh.. and how much paint we'd need.
Many thanks

MgMopar 09-11-2005 08:52 AM

I am guessing you want a DIY solution to improve the look of an aged mobile home without resurfacing it. I would first suggest washing it really good. Sanding would be my first recommendation however I think you will be fine if you scrub it real good with a Scotch Bright pad green kitchen sponge (with water and mild soap (this is easier then sanding but will give some bite for the paint). There are liquid etching products. I don't know how much something such as this would save you. You wouldent want to get something like on the windows or anything. Pressure wash would also be good at this point. Rinse off all you soap and dirt before continue and let dry well. Use a high quality primer such as Zinnsers Bullseye 123 primer. Then go ahead and paint with a high quality exterior paint.

How Much
Most paints show there coverage in square feet. I am assuming you are only painting the outside walls and the roof is a different surface? I don't know how high the exterior walls are I will give it a rounded guess at 10 feet. this would mean your long side walls would be 300 sq. feet each so 600 for both sides and a total of 240 for both your short walls. So it would be an approximate of 840 square feet of surface. I think most gallons cover about 350-400 square feet (read the can of what you are thinking of buying) so that would be over 2 gallons. 3 should be more the enough even if you exterior wall are a bit higher or longer. The estimate can be thrown off if your walls have a lot of shape or texture.

Square foot = wall height x wall length
Find for all walls then add them together for your total

I don't know if this may also be a possible permanent solotion

Liquid sanding (this is not my recommendation but is what you were asking about (no scubbing) If you do chose to use such a product let me know how it work out!

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