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diyfan902 03-11-2007 12:20 AM

Painted Tub With Epoxy, Didn't work.. Need your advice
Hi, I have a tub that's made of metal, Iron I think. The original paint was scraped off and it developed a black rust spot. So I went and got a pack of klenks bathtub and tiles epoxy paint repair kit. I followed the instructions supplied in the package and painted over the rust spot and entire tub with rustoloneum metal primer paint and then use the epoxy. I used it when the temps were under 50'f degree, so I put in a space heater. Everything went ok until the 3rd coat, a piece of the brush fell onto the epoxy paint, so I used my fingers to pick it up and it torned a piece of the paint off. I just painted it over that spot. This was the 3rd coat and 6 hours had already passed. The package said once the two epoxy mixes are mixed you must use it within 10 hours. I left the space heater running on high for 2 more hours. When I came back, there were full of blisters. I pull the blisters off and painted it again. I used the same roller and brush included in the package. I put the brush in water and roller in the paint can in between uses. Now, there is a deep curve where I picked up the brush piece with just 1 coat of epoxy, and the rest of the tub has a deeper coats of epoxy. There's also some solid rock shapes next to the hole. It's near the back of the tub.

What should I do now? Should I buy another epoxy tub paint kit or leave it as is and wait and see?

waiting for your advices....

cibula11 03-11-2007 03:55 PM

I have used the same thing on my tub. But the directions need to be followed exactly. You are to first clean the tub with muratic acid, let it dry for 24 hrs. Then you scrub with steel wool. Apply first coat and wait 24 hrs. Then again you use steel wool. Add 2nd coat and wait 3 days to allow it to cure. Start to finish the process takes about 5 days. I had to shower in the basement for this time. The box say only to use 2 coats.

You might have not let the primer dry long enough or waited long enough between coats. I would let it sit for a couple of days and then start over. Make sure you start with a smooth surface.

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