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Paintbrush or sprayer for clapboard house exterior


I have a house from 1920. Later this summer I will paint the exterior, which is clapboard. Some sections of the house have one layer, some have more.

It is a big job, however I am wondering about good ways of painting. Shall I do it by paintbrush or sprayer? If I use the sprayer I have to buy one or rent one for each coat. And I have to mask a lot. And I think I need to be concerned about paintspray being blown around in the wind and landing on a neighbors car, etc...

Are there any tips for getting the paint onto the clapboard quicker, like maybe applying it with a paint stick to get it on the clapboard, then brushing it even with the regular paint brush?

I've never tackled painting the exterior of a house and have a lot of questions. I've been able to find answers to many of my questions just by reading previous posts on this forum but have not seen this question asked.



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My ex-neighbor was a painter by trade. The only job he ever sprayed was his own house. He was always so busy he never had time to do it by brush. There was no money working at home. But, he always said nothing beats a good brush,good paint and a little bit of hard work! Oh! Yeah and a good ladder!!


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I'd use a brush to ensure that all of the laps were covered and roller the tops, 3/4" nap.
I have never seen a spray job that I would want in or out of my home, which is the criteria for all of my work.
I call it 'coloring' a house. Looks good when you buy it but doesn't stick to the freakin' walls.
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I'm not a painter. Having painted only three houses for this wisdom, I like spraying then back-brushing. Good coverage, quicker, less dippin'.
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We spray and back-roll most jobs, just did a huge old house, (circa 1840's historic home) results were great, owner was happy enough with the job to invite us back in the fall to do the interior.
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If the siding is really pourous (sp?) you should brush on the prime coat with a 4" brush and a high quality latex primer like Zinsers BIN or Bullseye, trying to 'work' the primer into all those pours. About the quickest way to get paint on the walls is to spray it.

Heres where I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with Teetor... as long as you buy a high quality high, adhesion topcoat ($26-$36 per gallon in my area), do adequete prep work (scrape and sand), apply two coats of topcoat allowing the reccomended dry time for each you shouldn't have any problems with the paint sticking to the siding and it is a hell of a lot faster than brushing.

Brushing on your prime coat is important, it allows you to be able to spray the topcoat. The only reason you would need to backbrush or backroll is if you aren't getting good, even coverage with the sprayer, drips, missed areas etc. Otherwise backbrushing or rolling isn't nessisary.

Beleive it or not spraying anything takes a lot of practice, expect a learning curve and good luck.
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Thanks guys....
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Paintbrush or sprayer for clapboard house exterior

I would love to hear how your painting job went. I am especially interested in the prep work. My mother always said a paint job is only as good as the prep work. I want to help my son paint his old 1920's clapboard but it is in very bad shape. The paint is thick and dull and starting to bubble. I think they may have used latex over oil without much prep and maybe without primer!

Would anyone tell me exactly how to do the prep work, step by step? We have lots of laborers in our area and the house is only about 1500 sq. ft. I thought I might hire a couple of men and supervise the prep but I have to know what to do as I can't count on them knowing....Should they scrape the bubbling paint off and then use a sanding block (what grit?) or hold paper in hand? See, I do need details. From there, I think I would brush the primer on and then do two coats of color, first rolling and then back brushing (because I don't want the learning curve issue).

I have really enjoyed reading your posts here. You are all very generous with good advice. Please help this 63 year old mom help her son with his first house. Thanks.


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