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Paint/stain sprayer

I am looking to stain my fence, a lot of fence, and also spray my in the process of finishing basement. What is a good sprayer that can spray stain, primer and paint with out thinning? I was looking at the wagners but Im confused on which model, and if they are worth the money? Or should I just use it to stain the fence and use the old roller to do the new drywall in the basement? It seems the research I have found says its more of a pain for paint.

Thanks for any info, advise and or links.


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The Wagner One-Use Frustration Spitters are specially designed to separate un-informed DIYers from their money
That, however, is their primary function
Although you may get one to work well enough, and long enough, to finish your fence, it will most certainly be useless for your basement

If spraying truly is the best choice for you, then rent a real sprayer
To buy a good one (at 800+ U$D) would probably not be cost effective for two projects

Most certainly your newly drywalled basement would be better off brush and least for a newb to spraying
The prep will take way longer than one might think
The prep for spray is intense and the chance for disaster high
For newbs, it would not save any time to would take about the same amount of time as brush and rolling (if not longer to learn the machine)


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Thank you for a response lol, I heard from a lowes worker the wagner power sprayer is returned a lot due to clogging. I am also being told that a cheap gardern pump sprayer may do the trick for the fence. As long as I strain it each time, also I would be able to put a lot more stain into the canister. I thought of maybe purchaseing one of those and a few brushes and pads. And Well seeing how it goes, if the sprayer fails then I will just has to do it by hand. It is over 200 ft long , otherwise I wouldnt mind doing by hand. I gotta do what I gotta do I guess, I just didnt want to waist money on the wagner, alot of people say they are not great. I will be just rolling the basement, after all painting we have done that is nothing, But Ive never stained a fence before.

Do you recommend I scrub or power wash it first?

Photo of dreaded fence.
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Spraying with a garden sprayer would not be a bad way to go. I've done that several times on decks as well as commercial playgrounds. The main advantage on the playgrounds was that there were a lot of relatively narrow surfaces- handrails, posts, pickets, etc. as well as all those little inside corners that just went much faster with a two gallon garden-type sprayer. A little extra overspray, but most of it was onto the wood chips below. Give 20 kids five minutes running through there the next day and you'll never see it.

Having said that, on your fence I would much prefer to roll it just as if you were painting. Personally, I like the contact of a brush or roller over spraying. Besides that, with stains, waterproofer/sealers, etc some spots soak it in quicker, so you have to go back several times until you have it soaked in good. My experience had been that you can go back over the wet spots with a roller and re-distribute the coating without having to add more by respraying, which saves additional overspray and waste. Not that I mean not to apply the appropriate amount, just that a roller, pad, or brush keeps it worked out a little more evenly.
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I'm glad I searched the forum before posting. I plan to stain my fence. About 20' total on the front, then about 40-50' or so on both interior sides. Back is an iron fence. My neighbor suggested I use a simple pump sprayer. I do my own pest control on the outside by using a pump sprayer. It cost only about $25 or so if I recall and it has a spray adjustment on the end. I plan to buy one specifically for this job. The stain is "Monarch" and color is probably dark walnut to match my neighbors. I think it has UV protection built-in so I think I should only have to spray once... hopefully.

So it sounds like it would be a good way to go.

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