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Paint Seeped Through Tape Onto Wood Trim

Copper paint on light oak color trim. How do I get this off? I tried pine sol/water mix when we took the tape off and got some off but there is still more there. I then tried mineral spirits and that did very little. I was gone this week so now it has been a week since this was painted.

p.s I also tired a small scraper with light pressure but I am very nervous about gouging the wood.

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Have you tried a razor blade scraper? Light pressure, of course.


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Fixing this problem as soon as it was identified was the best chance of resolving it successfully, but it still may be possible to correct it. I would get a 1 inch putty knife (flexible or inflexible - I am not sure which would be better), fold a rag over the end of the blade and run it down the top of the base board. The rag will allow you to apply more pressure as it protects the wood, but you will have to change the position of the knife in the rag often as the blade will cut through. Also it may help to dampen the rag with water or Goof-Off. If you employ any chemical helper though, be sure to test them first in an inconspicuous spot to be sure they won't stain the baseboard. Doing this I think you will be able to remove most or all of the paint on the surface, but it will likely be impossible to remove paint that has entered the grain.
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torpainter (10-30-2010)
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steel wool pad maybe?
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Id use the razor blade scraper on the top edge and fine steel wool on the curved part of the profile.
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Get the toothbrush ready....

Motsenbachers Lift-Off for Latex paints works good!
* some painters tape just under that top hrizontal edge, and crease it so you create a little "V-trough". Point of the V facing down of course.
* Apply a 2nd run of tape on the wall itself, to completely cover the bottom edge of wall paint. All you want to see is that top part of the trim.
* Now apply the MLO with a clean white cloth. Try to leave a slight puddle. Wait a few minutes.
* Now, lightly scrub with the toothbrush and wipe off with clean rags.
* Lastly, wipe down with a lightly water-dampened rag/dry immediately.

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what kind of paint is the copper? .latex or oil
What kind of finish is on the wood, latex or oil?
If the wood coating is latex then anything that takes the copper of will affect the wood finish too
If its oil based then try methyl hydate It will take all latex paints off pretty well anything Just pour a little on a rag and rub lightly It will take a few seconds to see any results

PS next time you tape baseboard run a scraper along the tape to tighten the seal and cut the baseboard as if the tape is not there

Methyl hydrate can be had at home depot ,4-5 bucks a quart

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Thanks fo all the advice; both trying to get the paint off and future taping projects. I ended up taking a 1/8" flat screwdriver that had grips or knurls (Craftsman) and that seemed to peel the paint off without gouging the trim. We have used the advice of taking a scaper and running it along the end of a fresh piece of tape to seal it thoroughly. It works great!
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Little late but you could try Mr.Clean magic eraser. Its non abrasive so won't gouge the wood. You have to rub HARD and FAST this creates friction which 'melts' the paint and then it comes off easily. The sponge gets kid of crumbly so expect to buy a couple, depending on how much there is to do. Sounds crazy, I know, but I keep a few of them in the truck to solve some pretty weird problems. I previously posted a problem getting dried PL off of hardwood...the magic eraser worked wonders.

Oops, forgot...There is a new product called frog tape used for masking. I haven't tried it yet but if you google it, might be your answer in future.


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