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jstar571 06-07-2013 11:25 PM

Paint removal
I need ideas on removal of some really old ugly green paint on some stained (I think) wood. It's all over the house on every trim & window

Or should I replace the wood?

joecaption 06-08-2013 02:41 AM

Got some pictures.
Confusing post, "ugly green paint on some stained I think wood?
Why not just prime and paint over it?

Jmayspaint 06-08-2013 05:43 AM

Joe, I got a feeling he's talking about the all too common Non bonded trim paint. Ya know, it chips, it flakes, probably latex over varnish like he's guessing. Been hearing about that a lot.

user1007 06-08-2013 06:44 AM

Well, I will hype it again. The infrared stripper I got was one of the best tools I ever purchased. Pricey but made short work of stripping interior and exterior wood. Easy to use and safe. You can rent them.

That said, if it is crappy latex paint over non-priimed varnished wood, you can usually get most of it off with a SHARP drag type scraper and contour scrapers and sand paper.

The goal when stripping wood is to keep the heat you generate to a minimum whether through friction or chemicals. The more the heat the more you risk forcing melted paint into the grain.

jstar571 06-08-2013 07:50 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is the color

Attachment 72349

joecaption 06-08-2013 07:55 AM

Gymschu 06-08-2013 08:01 AM

Looks like it was painted before. Paint it again in the color of your choice. Invest in some "Goof-off" latex paint remover to get some of the paint off the good wood. Otherwise, have at it!

At least I think you are talking about the slivers of paint someone slopped onto the good trim. "Goof-off" is the best of the gentle latex paint removers. Pour some on a cotton rag and rap the rag around a putty knife and work it up and down against the trim to remove the excess paint. Yes, you will need some elbow grease and lots of time.

jstar571 06-08-2013 08:03 AM

I thought/hoped there was one layer of paint but there is at least 2. I want wood stained wood look so I'm pretty screwed I think

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