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Paint problems....or just problems with the painter...

Hello, I am a wanna-be DIY painter and have just finished painting two of my three 'to-be-painted' room projects. My problem is the $47.00 Behr one coat crap paint I purchased..... This stuff sucks!
One coat my butt! The bathroom took 2+ coats and is really a disaster...thank goodness it is a small ensuite that no-one ever uses! The bedroom painting experience was slightly better...but i still hate this paint, problem is i purchased 3 tins of it [in beautiful colours] to paint rooms this summer and cannot take it back.....
This thick, goopy, sludge is impossible to roll or brush on in one coat and now that the bedroom [a lovely chocolate brown] is 3 weeks dry i have noticed areas I missed with a second coat and the colour below shows thru a bit !!!!!!!!!!!!
so before i move onto the main bathroom..... any suggestions as to how this crap is suppoed to work? also any ideas on how to ligthly edge the taped trim so when i peel it off the paint does peel off as well...yes this has happened more than i like to admit! cant use a thin coat or the colour under it shows thru......
plus now that it is dry.... why has it marred and peeled a tiny bit from an innocent, accidental finger nail scratch - it is almost rubbery..... HELPPPPPP


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I'm not a pro by any means,, I never paint with less then two coats, I don't care what that can says. two coats will hide your misses. As for your tape, peel it off right after you paint.


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Painting is like any other trade - you need good tools, good materials and good workmanship to get good results.

Donate the unopened can to a charity, buy some decent paint and quality tools, score the tape with a razor knife where it meets the wall before you remove it, and marvel at how simply a great paint job can be accomplished.

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Behr is not a quality paint. And, when you buy paint at Home Depot, Lowes and Wal Mart, it may be waterted down so it can be sold cheaper. Hie thee to a real paint store, the kind painters patronize.
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Originally Posted by Windows View Post
Painting is like any other trade - you need good tools, good materials and good workmanship to get good results.

Donate the unopened can to a charity, buy some decent paint and quality tools, score the tape with a razor knife where it meets the wall before you remove it, and marvel at how simply a great paint job can be accomplished.

There you go!
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This is what I do when I paint:

1) Wash walls with detergent or TSP if dirty; let dry.

2) Fill holes or cracks with Spackle; let dry and sand.

3) Lightly sand walls thoroughly sand trim and semi gloss surfaces wipe with damp lint-free cloth.

4) Paint one wall at a time. Tape off ceiling and trim; cut-in where wall meets crown moulding or ceiling, windows, doors, baseboards and corners. Apply one or two coats of tinted primer (same shade as finish coat) depending how dry your walls are as they will soak up the primer. Then apply two coats of your finish. The reason for tinting your primer the same shade as your finished coat is 1) to cover the previous colour 2) when you go over with your final finish you will eliminate seeing the other colour bleed through.

5) Whenapplying Painters Tape make sure your surface is clean, dry and smooth before applying the tape. By not having a clean, dry, smooth surface, paint will seep in under the tape creating uneven edges. Be sure to spend a little extra money for a good brand of tape. Spend a little extra to purchase a good brush also. Using cheap brushes or sponge brushes can cause the paint to seep in under your tape and create jagged lines.

When putting the tape on, use only a few feet at a time being sure you do not stretch it while applying it. The reason for this is the backing of the tape is made to conform to curves in the surface. Press along the tapes edges to make a smooth flat contact with the surface. Using an old credit card, putty knife or firmly pressing with your finger will work. Lay the tape into depressed areas because if it is forced or stretched, the tape may lift up or even break.

6) Removal Tips: When removing the tape, pull it back over itself. If you pull too fast and the tape will tear while pulling too slow and the tape will leave adhesive on the surface. When removing the tape, pace yourself. If you let the paint totally dry before removing the tape you may need to use a razor blade.

When removing the tape, be sure the paint is dry to the touch. If the tape is removed too soon, it will create a smudge line. But also do not leave the tape on too long.

The temperature also plays a part in removing the tape. If it is too cold the tape will become brittle and tear, if too hot, the adhesive will stick to the surface.

7) Types of Painters Tape: When purchasing painters tape, bear in mind that not all painters tape is alike. There are different levels of adhesive on the various tapes. Be sure to check the labels to make sure you are getting the right one for the job you are undertaking.

In an unseen location, test the tape you have to make sure it does not pull the paint off. If it does, then you need to use one with less adhesive on it.

When painting along a taped edge, always drag your brush parallel with the tape instead of into the taped edge. Resist the temptation to paint the same spot several times over. Load your brush and drag the tip along the taped edge just once, then move on! Better yet, you can use the painting technique of making shorter strokes along the edge.

Hopefully these tips will help you to avoid the problems that I had and create a quality paint job.

One other thing, if your paint was rubbery and peels off very easy, then the original paint on the wall was oil based paint and you applied latex based paint (water) that would cause the rubbery and peeling. To correct that problem you have to remove what paint you put on the wall and use an oil base primer and then paint over it with you finished coat. But follow the steps I out lined above.


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