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Lperryma 04-03-2011 10:20 AM

paint over plaster
I have paint that is cracking and peeling. Under the paint is a virgin plaster wall. One wall is an outside one, another is an interior. The paint is about 1/8 inch thick - and kinda curls off as it peels probably because it is so thick. Do not know if it is oil based or latex. I want to remove and repaint. Any suggestions of what materials to use?

Brushjockey 04-03-2011 10:56 AM

This might be a big job and take some skills. I would consider finding a competent paint contractor to do this.
That said, without seeing exactly what the problem is, here would be my procedure-
Clear out ,cover and close area to prevent dust from getting around. If it is a plaster house, it was built back in the days where lead in paint was common.
Scrape off all loose material. Painting over something that is not adhered will not add bonding.
I would prime at this point with a great clear ,thin penetrating primer called Gardz. This will seal everything down and make it secure.
It sounds like a total skim with joint compound over the affected areas, probably the while room, will be needed. This will need to be sanded, reprimed, looked over carefully and spot touch up of mud as needed, then spot prime those.
Then you are ready to paint 2 coats of a quality paint .

Good luck!

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