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Ralphfisco 08-04-2012 06:26 PM

Paint blistering
Recently had exterior deck painted and now am experiencing "blistering"in some areas. Is this due to poor prep or moisture when painted? Thank you.

joecaption 08-04-2012 06:40 PM

Simple, pressure treated wood should have been stained not painted.
And yes it's the moisture in the wood most likly pushing the paint off.
And if it was a new deck you should wait several months for it to dry out before apply anything.

Now most likly your stuck with having to pressure wash and sand all the paint off.
Solid stain is fine for the railing but the deck should be a form of transparant stain.
Sherwin Willians deck scapes work, I've also use Cabits and Olymipc and had no issues.

Ralphfisco 08-04-2012 07:31 PM

Paint Blistering
Thank you for the reply. It was not pressure treated wood and wood already had been painted. The blistering was paint over paint - change of color.

joecaption 08-04-2012 08:27 PM

Sorry for making the wrong assumption. I should have asked more questions.
There's been so many people on this site and all the other DIY sites that build a deck and go out the next day and try to paint it and it fails so I assumed, and you and I know where that gets you.

Some of the painters I'm sure will be chiming in and there going to be asking you.
What paint was used, what prep work you did, what was the condition it in when before you started, temperture and how long since it last rain, did you prime it.
That sort of thing.

Thunder Chicken 08-04-2012 08:29 PM

That can happen if the old layer wasn't applied properly. A good cuffing with sandpaper will help.

Gymschu 08-04-2012 08:58 PM

This can happen no matter how good the prep was. Sometimes the process of putting a coating over top of an old coating can cause a softening of the old layer as the new paint lays on top and dries. It happens on horizontal surfaces especially if hot sunlight hits the newly painted surface. The sunlight can cause the new paint to dry so fast that it traps moisture under the surface. Really, for decks you want to avoid just doesn't work well on horizontal surfaces that get a lot of foot traffic. Unfortunately you were stuck.......the deck had been painted before.

Expert Paint 08-05-2012 10:41 PM

could be moisture in the wood. sometimes moisture in wood is permeable through a coat or 2 of paint.stain. But, when you apply more you can trap it in. Also, blistering can occur from applying the paint in direct sunlight or dry heat. The heat causes the coating to dry before it adheres properly. Do the blisters bubble up in the sun and then suck back down when it cools off? This is a sure fire sign that there is either moisture trying to escape, or the coating dried too fast. If the blisters do not pop up and suck back down then you simply have an adhesion issue. Possibly contamination on the deck surface when the coating was applied. You know that you have contamination/heat issues when the recently applied coating is the only thing peeling up. If the blistering consists of all coatings down to the bare wood you know you have moisture issues.

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