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forcedreno2012 09-20-2013 10:14 AM

One wall two textures double the headache
Been so focused on getting the TO point of painting that I forgot to ask the following

Bottom half of walls and ceiling are new drywall. Top half of some walls are original drywall with original paint in some type of super gloss....not just any gloss, but "in your face gas station restroom kinda gloss" :eek:. I have no idea what type of paint this is.

I did cover one upper with Valspar high hiding primer about a month ago (pepto bismal pink was driving me nuts) and just ran the tape test last night and its seems to have stuck. Does this confirm that its not oil based? Is there another way to test? Its either a really thick paint or they used like 12 coats.

Based on this, do I use the pva on the new drywall and the regular primer on the old drywall or, can I use the pva primer/sealer on both? Does using two primers make a difference to the finish coats?

I know that I will need to sand down the old wall and have already fixed any (lots) of nail pops and tool marks etc.



cdaniels 09-20-2013 12:03 PM

One way to test for oil paint is with denatured alcohol on a rag.If the alcohol takes it off,it's not oil.I wouldn't use 2 different primers.Scuff sand the gloss paint and prime it all with a bonding primer like Zinser 1-2-3.

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